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精嚢腺の吸收生理に対する副腎ホルモンの影響 第3編 副腎ホルモンの精嚢腺の吸收生理に対する去勢術の影響

Sasaki, Hachiro
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The testicular function has the most intimate relation to the seminal vesicles function, the auther made an attempt to examine the influence of the testicular function upon the absorption ability of the seminal vesicles. In this report. the examination was carrid out on the castrated rated rabbits in advance and also the effects of male sexual hormones on the absorption ability were observed. 1. The blood dextrose levels were increased in one or two weeks after the castration and then decreased in three weeks below the preoperative levels by the seminal vesicles injections of adrenalin, cortisone and ACTH. 2. The same elevation could be found with adrenalin and cortisone administration in seminal vesicles, but ACTH showed slightly different results. 3. The administration of male sexual hormones on castrated rabbits rised the blood dextrose levels and different curves could be found with normal and castrated rabbits, and moreover the increase of the absorption ability could be recognized by sexual hormones.