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精嚢腺の吸收生理に対する副腎ホルモンの影響 第1編 副腎ホルモンの精嚢腺糖代謝に対する影響

Sasaki, Hachiro
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The absorption ability of seminal vesicles has been already recognized by many investigators. The authoralso made an attempts to examine the influenee of adrenalin. cortisone and ACTH on the absorption ability of the seminal vesicles comparing with hypodermic or intramuscular administration of same kind and same doses of adrenal hormones using adult male rabbits. 1. By the administration of adrenalin, the same high blood dextrose levels could be found in both hypodermic and seminal vesicles injections and particularly, slow elevation and high level maintenance could be found in seminal vesicles injection. 2. By the administration of cotisone, high blood level could be found temporarily by intramuecular injection, but contrarily the aintenance of high level and no reduction to normal level could be found by the seminal vesicles injection. 3. By the administration of ACTH, the same elevation of blood level with interamuscular injection as in cortisone could be found, but, on the seminal vesicles injection, opposite results could be found. 4. From the above results, the above results, the specific ability could be recognized in seminal vesicles and also recognized the mechanism of the internal secretion.