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試験管内HbO(2)-KCN-H(2)O(2)反応系における鉄分離に関する研究 第2編 HbO(2)-KCN-H(2)O(2)反応系における所謂易分離鉄(G. Barkan)の検討

Fujiwara, Takuichi
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The vicissitude of easy split iron in the HbO(2)-KCN-H(2)O(2) reaction system put forward by G. Barkan was quantitatively observed, without the use of reducing agent. And the resulte were as follows. 1. The most proper condition grounded on the yielded dosis of easy split iron was KCN 1.0 M and H(2)O(2) 0.01 M. 2. Iron was separated from hemoglobin itself on H(2)O(2) over 0.1 M, in this reaction system. 3. The most proper condition was the pH 7.2 at 37°C, in this reaction system. 4. The change was not observed on the change of acting order between KCN and H(2)O(2), in this reaction system.