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Kawada, Kenji
Tachibana, Shogo
Yamaguchi, Kazuo
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We have examined histopathologically the removed lymph-nodes of 334 cases of carcinoma of the uterine cervix which were submitted to Okabayashi's abdominal extendive radical operation. We checked the lymph-node metastasis in every case and made a review on the interrelationship between the pelvic lymph-nodes metastasis and 5 year survival rate, and also the sites where recurrence of carcinoma happened. Results were summarized as follows: 1) In the group with positive lymph-nodes metastases 5 year suvival rate was 26.1 per cent (17 out of 65 cases). 2) In the group where no pelvic lymph-nodes metastases were found, 5-year survival rate was 71 per cent (194 out of 269 cases). 3) The prognosis is far better in the group in which no metastasis was present. 4) Recurrence was frequently found within the pelvic cavity, especially quite often at the vaginal stump or the parametrial region. With regard to recurrence, no specific difference was found between the group with metastasis and without it.