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鉤虫仔虫の抵抗性に関する実験的研究 第三編 鉤虫仔虫の人工胃液等に対する抵抗性について

Takeda, Katsumi
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In vitro studies were made on the resistance of the larvae of both Anchylostoma Dubini and Anchylostoma caninum to artificial gastric juice and to some fraction of it at 37°C, and the following results were obtained. 1) The greater the concentration of hydrochloric acid of the artificial gastric juice the shorter the period of time to death of the larvae in the juice. It took, however, nine days to the death of larvae even in gastric juice with the concentration of hydrochloric acid as high as that of hyperacidity. 2) Lactic acid at high concentration acted injuriously on the larvae but at the concetration equal to human gastric juice it had practically no influence on the larvae. 3) Pepsin at higher concentration was slightly harmful but at lower concentration it was rather beneficial to the larvae. 4) The resistance of the both larvae, Anchylostoma Dubini and Anchylostoma caninum showed hardly no difference.