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Mitsutani, Shiro
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Experimental Method: 1) Reagents: Colloidal fluids used were following: 1. {Methylmetacrylate 100,0g. Benzoyl Peroxide 2.4g. These reagents were mixed in a temperature below 85°C. Just before the experiment, 2 and 3 are added to 1. 2. Polymer 120,0 g. 3. Dibuthyl Phthalate 1,0 g. 2) How to make moulds: 1. Resin was directly poured into lungs, after cutting off bronchus, under vocal chords, without removing lungs. Hydrochloric acid and water were used as the postmanagement, which removed putride tissues. 2. Total quantity of resin colloids were 2.5-8.0 c. c. Pouring pressure was below 100 mm H(2)O. Results: 6.732 bronchial anfles were observed: 1. Raminification angles of bronchus enlarged in the portion of maturity of newborns, depth and length of neonatal breath. This phenomen appeared frequently in angles of external stratum. 2. In ramification type, right upper lobe chiefly showed two ramifications.