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臓器エキス並に血液疾患々者血清の家兎臓器核酸代謝に及ぼす影響 第2編 血液疾患々者血清の家兎臟器核酸量に及ぼす影響

Namba, Tatsuji
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By intravenous injection of serum of patients of blood disorder as well as control serum of healthy men, observed the nucleic acid appearing in its bone-marrow, liver, spleen, and kidney, which proved as: 1) In case healthy men's serum has been injected, bone-marrow nucleic acid and DNA in, liver, spleen, and kidney indicate a decrease; while RNA both in spleen and kidney increases slightly; and that of liver does so pretty much. If those results obtained will be put under comparison with those obtained under the use of healthy men's serum: 2) Under the administration of serum of hypoplastic anemia, bone-marrow nucleic acid increases in a marked degree, liver as well as kidney DNA do so in a moderate degree; RNA of liver and kidney decrease rather. As to spleen nucleic acid, no marked change occurs. 3) If the serum of leukemia is injected, a slight increase takes place to liver and spleen DNA, while liver and kidney RNA show an abatement quite: but as to the rest, no great changes appear. 4) When serum of Banti's syndrome has been injected, the increase of both the bone-marrow nucleic acidi prove most caundid: though the spleen DNA increases, liver nucleic acid as well as RNA of spleen and kidney show a slight decrease respectively. 5) On occasion serum of hookworm anemia has been injected, spleen nucleic acid proves a marked increase; bone-marrow DNA increases greatly, but RNA in liver and kidney decreases. 6) When serum of essential hypochromic anemia is injected, a remarkable increase in the bone-marrow nucleic acid happens; but, as to the rest, small change occurs, only a slight increase of liver and spleen DNA, along with a decrease of liver RNA.