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皮膚内総ビタミンCの研究 第4編 クロロマイセチン注射による血液内および皮膚内総ビタミンC量の消長について

Fujii, Masato
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1) When 40mg/kg of Chloromycetin is injected, Total V.C. within blood indicated a decrease, still showing the same tendency even after 24 hours. In skin, after 2 hours, there happened an increase of 30.3%, but after 5 hours, decreased on the contrary. 2) When Chloromycetin 120 mg/kg has been injected, Total V.C. amount in blood decreased to an extent of 18.7% after two hours, but showed an increase of 21.7% after 5 hours, and again proved a decrease of 27.1% after 10 hours. In skin, it has decreased ever since 2 hours. After 24 hours' lapse, Total V.C. amount within blood and skin has been recovered to its normal state.