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皮膚内総ビタミンCの研究 第2編 結晶ペニシリンK注射による血液内および皮膚内総ビタミンC量の消長について

Fujii, Masato
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1) In half an hour after the injection of Penicillin, Total V. C. in blood proved an increase, which after 5 hours, reached 102.6% at the highest, and showed still an increase after 24 hours. The Total V. C. amount in skin has risen to 21.9% in an hour after the injection. 81.0% at highest after an hour, and still indicated an increase even after 24 hours. 2) The increasing tendency occurred for total amount after the injection of Penicillin has proved to lower in the course of time, yet showed an increase even after 7 days' durati on. 3) By the injection of Penicillin, the rabbit fed with vitamine-C-less food had been stimulated its formating faculty of Vitamine C.