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伝染性膿痂疹の研究 第2編 伝染性膿痂疹の細菌学的研究

Higaki, Noboru
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The following bacteriological studies of Impetigo Contagiosa were made by the author. The conclusion reached was as follows, The staphylococci derived from every case of Impetigo Contagiosa show agreement in thei characters, that is, the coagulation of milk, lique faction of gelatine, formation of haemolysin, coagulation of blood plasma, toxic action in mice, formation of acid from sugar and resistance for heat. Most of them belong to the saprophitic staphylococci. After his investigation of the decomposition of sugar the author recognizes that the factors concerned in the decomposition were nothing but the pathogene staphylococci which are classified as staphylococci by YOSHIOKA beeause they decompose sugar. They composed mannose, trehalose, mannite, galactose and lactose, but on the ther hand arabinose, raffinose and salicin were not influenced by them. Every staphylococcus derived from air had quite different characters from the coccimentioned above and there are no qualities common to each stammes.