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伝染性膿痂疹の研究 第1編 伝染性膿痂疹の疫学的観察

Higaki, Noboru
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After the investigation of 303 patients of impetigo contagiosa who have been visited the clinic for 6 years from 1949 to 1954, the author got the following results. 1) This disease increases many in the summer time and in the other month, there are very few. 2) As for the increase of the patient, this epidemy has the tendency of being popular every five years during latest II years. 3) After the result of the sexual statistical observation, there is a difference between male and female. 4) As for the age, there are overwhelmingly between the baby and the 5 years-old child. 5) As for the predilection, the face is mostly affected.6) Its main symptoms are pustulous, crusted, vesicular and erosive. 7) The course of disease was calculated by the days of which the patient visited the clinic. 8) Judging from the seasonal observation, the patient inceerses in the hot temperature, and also, many in the comparatively dump wet time.