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前立腺肥大症と腎機能に関する実験的研究 第1編 人の前立腺浸出液注射による腎臟機能障碍について

Ohto, Shigemichi
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1. After having Prepared extracts each from normal prostate gland, slightly glandular hypetrophied prostate gland in mixed form, as well as from highly hypertrophied prstate gland, all taken out of human being, injected them subcutaneously in a dog, in doses of 5-2cc per day, for 14-16 weeks continually; and examined in each case such as general view, changes that happened to Rest-N, Cl, Ur as well as Ur in the Blood, at the same time making efforts to find out changes in function, by way of urinal symptoms, and alike by way of fluid test. 2. In cases where the extract from human normal prostate gland has been administered, no conspicuous change could be seen. 3. All cases in which extracts from human hypertrophied prostate gland were injected, as to the genral view, first came thirst, followed by loss of appetite, anxietly, depression; moreover, gave rise to a general exhaution. Then, abatement of body weight, as well as oedema appeared in limbs (esp. in back limb); which seemed to be accompanied by icterus. 4. As for Rest-N, Cl, Ur and Ur, all have indicated rapid or certain gradual increase. 5. As for urinal symptoms, red blood cells were recognized in almost all cases, which verified albumin, at the last stage of administration. In most outstanding cases, urinal cylinder could be detected. 6. In fluid test, an important hindrance of concentration ability was recognized; and though the dog was kept in normal state, there occurred something like hyposthenuria. However, no great change happened to the abilities both of excretion as well as dilution. Besides, no clear sign of initial polyuria could be seen. 7. These changes have all differed in degree, dne to histological diversion of admi-nistered prostate gland; and in general, the glandular hypertrophy type affected greater than mixture hypertrophy type; where moreover, the greater the hypertrophy, stronger in hindrance. 8. In our experiment, in only one case (3rd case) it was found that 6 mouths after the suspension of administration, every symptoms became normal. 9. Hindrance of kidney function seen among those in which extracts from hypertrophied prostate gland were administered, seems to have resulted from Nephrose incurred histolo-gically, which, even if a extract of very slightly hypertrophied prostate gland has power to incur.