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結核に関する実験的竝に臨床的研究 第三編 結核性脳膜炎の胸部レ線像の観察

Matsuo, Shōzō
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Roentgenograms of breasts in 35 cases of tuberculous meningitis patients were classified according to the principle of Prof. OKA. The most important part of the primary forcus in tuberculous meningitis has been said to be tuberculosis pulmonum and hilus lymphatic gland. All the same with my cases. Most of the complication cases to these patients were miliary tuberculosis (37.1%) followed by nodulous (acinous, productive) form, (17.1%) primary form, (14.2%)infiltrated form, (8.6%) etc. There were 4 cases in which any tuberculous observations were not found.