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結核に関する実験的竝に臨床的研究 第二編 結核性脳膜炎に対するストレプトマイシンの効果に関する実験的研究

Matsuo, Shōzō
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By means of the reinfection method which has been reported in Part I, I caused tuberculous meningitis to rabbits, and used streptomycin in spinal canals and general treatmant. Rabbits were divided into 3 groups for streptomycin treatment. viz, the 1st group for use 2 days before reinfection. the 2nd at the same day, the 3rd after the appearance of the symptom of tuberculous meningitis. and each group was further divided into 2 parts. the 1st for only local treatment, the 2nd for local and general treatment. All of 15 cases of acute form died in 16 days. but they lived 10-15 days longer than the non-treatment cases. 7 cases of chronic form recovered and did not recur within 200 days. Under histological observation, tuberculous meningitis of rabbits. which treated with streptomycin, showed disappearance of monocytes and increase of fibrous degeneration. And the pathological degeneration of meningitis was so light that streptomycin must have affected directly against tubercle bacilli.