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結核に関する実験的竝に臨床的研究 第一編 結核性脳膜炎の発生に関する実験的研究

Matsuo, Shōzō
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To cause tuberculous meningitis injected a little tubercle bacilli of human type into the spinal canal of rabbits. Some of them were infected by single injection, and the others after sensitized by 0.1-0.2 mg of live or died tubercle bacilli or 0.1cc of 1% tuberculin solution. In the non-sensitized cases, all of 3 cases were infected with tuberculous meningitis by 1.0mg of tubercle bacilli, but 14 cases infected by less than 0.5 mg of bacilli were diverse acording to clinical and histological observation. In the sensitized cases all of 18 cases in 3 groups were infected with tuberculous meningitis by 0.1-0.2mg of tubercle bacilli, especially were most effective for the sensitized rabbits infected by liver bacilli. 3 cases of them seemed recovered, but within 80-200 days recured and died. Under histological observation, tuberculous meningitis of rabbits showed a strong tendency to productive inflammation by monocytes. Miliary tuberculosis was caused by injecting tubercle bacilli into the left ventricle of rabbits' hearts after sensitized meningina with tuberculin solution. The symptom of menin-gitis did not appear, but under histological observation tuberculous degeneration could be found among some of them.