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Nisimaru, Yasuyosi
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I made some experiment on the liver as I had done on the kidneys and summarize them as follows. Method. For this purpose I made use of the following dyes; phenolsulphone phthalein, rohodamin patent blue sup. patent blue V, chrysoidin, safranin, methylviolet, pironin, methylen blue, lithione carmin kongored, indulin, alkali blue. They were injected into the arterial circulation the blood being supplied by 0.56 Ringer' ssolution through the liver of toads (Bufo japonicus), and them the amount eliminated in the bile duct was measured. Summary. 1) 1 Phenol-sulphone phthalein, 2 rhodamin, 3 patent blue sup., 4 chrysoidin, 5 safranin, 6 methylviolet, 7 pironin, are eliminated from the liver and the amount eliminated is in the order indicated. 2) Hethylen blue, lithion carmin, kongored and indulin are eliminated from the liver only in small quantities or not at all. 3 Patent blue V. and alkali blue are not at all eriminated from the liver. 4) Elimination of the dyes from the liver is influenced by the poisoning with cyanic acid and stop. Accordingly, I have summalized as follows. The elimination of dyes I used, is not always in proportion with the degree of diffusion measured by gelation and agar-method, and it is always accompanied with oxydation.