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著者 Wang, Lei| Kaku, Haruki| Huang, Peng| Xu, Kexin| Yang, Kai| Zhang, Jiheng| Li, Ming| Xie, Liping| Wang, Xiaofeng| Sakai, Akiko| Watanabe, Masami| Nasu, Yasutomo| Shimizu, Kenji| Kumon, Hiromi| Na, Yanqun|
抄録 Deficiencies in the human DNA repair gene WRN are the cause of Werner syndrome, a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterized by premature aging and a predisposition to cancer. This study evaluated the association of WRN Leu1074Phe (rs1801195), a common missense single nucleotide polymorphism in WRN, with prostate cancer susceptibility in Chinese subjects. One hundred and forty-seven prostate cancer patients and 111 male cancer-free control subjects from 3 university hospitals in China were included. Blood samples were obtained from each subject, and the single nucleotide polymorphism WRN Leu1074Phe was genotyped by using a Snapshot assay. The results showed that WRN Leu1074Phe was associated with the risk of prostate cancer in Chinese men and that the TG/GG genotype displayed a decreased prevalence of prostate cancer compared with the TT genotype (OR=0.58, 95%CI:0.35-0.97, p=0.039). Through stratified analysis, more significant associations were revealed for the TG/GG genotype in the subgroup with diagnosis age <_ 72 yr (OR=0.27, 95%CI:0.12-0.61, p=0.002) and in patients with localized diseases (OR=0.36, 95%CI:0.19-0.70, p=0.003). However, no statistically significant difference was found in the subgroup with age >72 yr or in patients with advanced diseases. We concluded that the genetic variant Leu1074Phe in the DNA repair gene WRN might play a role in the risk of prostate cancer in Chinese subjects.
キーワード polymorphism prostatic neoplasms single nucleotide susceptibility WRN
Amo Type Original Article
発行日 2011-10
出版物タイトル Acta Medica Okayama
出版者 Okayama University Medical School
開始ページ 315
終了ページ 323
ISSN 0386-300X
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