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著者 Hara, Ryoei| Fujii, Tomohiro| Jo, Yoshimasa| Yokoyama, Teruhiko| Miyaji, Yoshiyuki| Nagai, Atsushi|
抄録 We report the case of a 7-year-old girl with a single ectopic ureter who was treated with retroperitoneoscopic nephrectomy for a chief complaint of urinary incontinence. Preoperative CT showed a contrasted dysplastic kidney of 1cm in the renal fossa and a left ureteral opening into the vagina. Retroperitoneoscopic left nephrectomy was conducted with opening of the lateroconal fascia to enable identification of the dysplastic kidney. No intraoperative complications were encountered. Urinary incontinence improved immediately after surgery. This case shows that a retroperitoneal approach can be used in nephrectomy if the position of the kidney can be determined preoperatively.
キーワード dysplastic kidney nephrectomy retroperitoneal approach single ectopic ureter urinary incontinence
Amo Type Case Report
発行日 2011-10
出版物タイトル Acta Medica Okayama
出版者 Okayama University Medical School
開始ページ 343
終了ページ 345
ISSN 0386-300X
NCID AA00508441
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言語 English
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