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著者 Darwinata, Agus Eka| Gotoh, Kazuyoshi| Mima, Takehiko| Yamamoto, Yumiko| Yokota, Kenji| Matsushita, Osamu|
抄録 The bacterium Vibrio alginolyticus, an opportunistic pathogen in humans, has a type III secretion system (T3SS) that is responsible for its cytotoxicity toward eukaryotic cells. The effector of T3SS that is responsible for the cytotoxicity had not been identified. Here we demonstrate that VepA, a homolog of the T3SS effector in V. parahaemolyticus, is required for cytotoxicity in V. alginolyticus. VepA induces lysosomal membrane permeabilization, and it allows the leakage of only small molecules into the cytosol. Our findings revealed that VepA induces cathepsin-independent cell death in mammalian cells. The ferrous ion, one of the small molecules in the lysosome contents, appears to be involved in the cell death caused by V. alginolyticus VepA.
キーワード cell death lysosomal membrane permeability VepA Vibrio alginolyticus
Amo Type Original Article
発行日 2018-06
出版物タイトル Acta Medica Okayama
出版者 Okayama University Medical School
開始ページ 231
終了ページ 239
ISSN 0386-300X
NCID AA00508441
資料タイプ 学術雑誌論文
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