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タイトル(別表記) Pursuit to the morality about "the connection of the life" which can be put in the present-day social education : Moral education of today's life is considered
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著者 作田 澄泰| 長谷 博文| 中山 芳一|
抄録  日本国憲法の施行と民主化に伴い,戦後の日本における学校教育において道徳教育の在り方も大きく変容した。しかし,親子関係,人間関係が原因とする学生たちの自死,不登校,いじめ,非行等の諸問題が後を絶たない。これらを解決するため,戦後の諸問題増加の背景にある今日の社会全般の道徳教育の在り方について検討した。諸問題に関わる大きな要因としては,大学生による「道徳性」におけるアンケート調査結果から「祖先を敬う」ことへの希薄化が明らかとなった。具体的には,祖先をはじめとする人とのつながりに関する道徳性の衰退が重要な課題であることが分かった。こうした課題を受け,親子関係に関する事例,先人からの伝統文化に関するインタビューを元にし,親子関係,家族関係,社会における命のつながりについて考察するとともに,具体的な社会及び学校教育における「真の道徳性」の在り方と必要性について示唆した。
抄録(別表記)  The state of the moral education was also changed big in a postwar school education in Japan with operation of the Constitution of Japan and democratization. But there is no end to self-death of the students a parent-child relationship and the human relations make the cause and the miscellaneous problems which refuse to go to school and spite and are misconduct. The state of the moral education of today's social in general who has that in a background of postwar increase of miscellaneous problems was considered in a point to settle these. Rarefication to "An ancestor was respected." became clear from a questionnaire survey result in "morality" by a college student as a big factor of miscellaneous problems. Specifically, I found out that a decline of morality about the connection with the person such as an ancestor is an important problem. I received such problem, used an interview about a case about a parent-child relationship and traditional culture from a pioneer as a capital and considered about the connection of the life in the parent-child relationship, the family relation and the society as well as suggested it about the state of "true morality" and necessity in society in detail and a school education.
キーワード 親子関係の不和 (A feud of a parent-child relationship) 道徳性の衰退 (Decline of morality) 命のつながり (The connection of the life) 真の道徳性 (True morality)
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