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タイトル(別表記) Maternity swimmlng at Misasa Hospital of Okayama University Medical School. Second report. The indication and its practice.
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著者 奥田 博之| 近藤 裕司| 坂田 旬子| 吉田 佐知江| 谷崎 勝朗|
抄録 第一報において,当科外来通院妊婦を対象とした妊婦水泳に関するアンケート調査の結果を報告1)したが,その結果にもとづき,1988年2月より妊婦水泳を開始し,11カ月を経過した。この間,初産婦および前回難産経験をもつ経産婦を主たる対象として,積極的に水泳を奨めた結果,18例の妊婦水泳を経験することができた。その結果,流早産例は1例もなく,児の予後も良好であり,妊婦管理の一環としての妊婦水泳の安全性と有用性が確認できたので,当科における妊婦水泳の現状とその適応につき報告する。
抄録(別表記) From February to December, 1988, 18 cases of maternity swimming were deliverd at Misasa hospital of Okayama university medical school. Then we discussed the indication, safety and effectiveness of maternity swimmmg. (Results) (1) Fifteen cases (83.3%) were primiparas and 5 cases (27.8%) were 30 years old or more. (2) As for the weeks of pregnancy at the beginning of swimming, the earliest one was at 18 weeks and the latest one was at 37 weeks. (3) The times of swimming during pregnancy were variou in each case, and the maxirnum one was 20 times and the minimum one was 2 times. (4) There was no abortion and premature delivery. (5) There was no low birth weight infant and no asphxia of the newborn. (Conclusion) The inducement of maternity swimming is safe and effective to the management of pregnancy, especially to the cases of primipara, old aged or having minor disturbance.
キーワード 妊婦水泳 (Maternity swimming)
出版物タイトル 環境病態研報告
発行日 1989-07
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ISSN 09133771
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