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タイトル(別表記) Increase Rate of fCO2 in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean
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著者 近藤 文義| 塚本 修| 渡邉 修一|
抄録 In the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean, increase rates of fCO2 in the air and the ocean were evaluated using the CDIAC data set. The fCO2 in the air was increasing about 1.28μatm/year during 1957-1995. This result is almost same as the rate at the Mauna Loa, Hawaii in Tropical Pacific Ocean. The increase rate of fCO2 in the seawater was estimated as 1.64μatm/year. In this study it is found that the increase rate of fCO2 in the seawater is the almost same as that of fCO2 in the air. This reault supports the result on the snapshot analysis of Takahashi et al. (1983) in thr North Atlantic Ocean during 1958-1982. It is smaller than the result including seasonal variation in the Eastern Subtropical Pacific Ocean. These reault indicated that the anthropogenic CO2 in the air has affected fCO2 in seawater through CO2 gas exchange between the atmosphere and the ocean. It is found that fCO2 in the seawater has increased in the Eastern Equatiorial Pacific Ocean in spite of the large CO2 source region. It suggested that CO2 source potential has not changed in this ocean durung 1957-1995.
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出版物タイトル Okayama University Earth Science Report
発行日 2004-12-31
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発行日 2007-03-23
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