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タイトル(別表記) The Landscape and Sightseeing of Bittchu-Kokubunji Based on the Viewpoints of Tourists and Local Residents
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著者 水田 智也| 市南 文一|
抄録 In this paper, we examined the landscape and sightseeing at Bittchu-Kokubunji in Okayama prefecture carrying out the questionnaire survey to tourists and local residents. Both tourists and local residents estimate that the landscape ofBittchu-Kokubunji is wonderful, and it has several images such as historical, quiet, and old-fashioned, etc. AlthoughBittchu-Kokubunji is one of the famous tourist resorts in Okayama prefecture, there are quite few tourists compared with the degree of notability. Almost all tourists' age was 50 or more. As more active sightseeing activities, the number of times of holding events, such as an announcement of traditional performing arts, lighting of a five-storied pagoda, photograph or a sketching convention, needs to be increased. An attractive tourist resort should be created by the cooperation of local residents and administration.
キーワード Landscape Sightseeing Local residents Bittchu-Kokubunji
出版物タイトル 岡山大学環境理工学部研究報告
発行日 2012-03
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