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タイトル(別表記) 中国寧夏地域における日照時間から日積算日射量の推定
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著者 楊 勤| 塚本 修|
抄録 For the estimation of daily solar radiation from sunshine duration, observation data of Yinchuan station in Ningxia, China was used. Using a linear relationship between solar radiation and extraterrestrial radiation including relative sunshine duration and daylength, we obtained local coefficients s a =0.18, s b =0.62 from past five years data(1981-1985). Using the same method, coefficients for Guyuan region were confirmed too as a representative of south part of Ningxia province. Applying the local coefficients and calculation formula of solar radiation, we validated daily solar radiation of two years(1986-1987) of Yinchuan station and four years(1991-1994) of Guyuan station. The results showed high correlation coefficients of R2=0.94 in Yinchuan and R2=0.85 in Guyuan. Error analysis was applied using mean bias error(MBE), mean absolute bias error(MABE), root mean square error(RMSE),mean absolute percentage error(MAPE) on solar radiation of Yinchuan(1973-2006) and Guyuan(1986-2006) stations. Results showed that mean absolute bias error(MABE) was less than 13% and 17% in Yinchuan station and Guyuan station respectively. Then we have applied this method to the estimation of daily solar radiation at ‘Yongning’ station(near Yinchan) with the sunshine duration data at ‘Yongning’. The estimated values were compared with observed daily solar radiation at Yinchuan as past twelve years data(1989-2000). The results showed good linear relationship with high correlation coefficient of R2= 0.88.
キーワード Daily solar radiation Extraterrestrial radiation Relative sunshine duration Local coefficient
出版物タイトル Okayama University Earth Science Report
発行日 2009-03-31
開始ページ 79
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著者 楊 勤| 塚本 修|
発行日 2002-09-20
出版物タイトル Okayama University Earth Science Report
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