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タイトル(別表記) Newly proposed landform division in the Kibi Plateau area: Application for a hazard map of landslides
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著者 鈴木 茂之| 大溝 佑奈| 平田 稔| 西垣 誠|
抄録 The Kibi Plateau is characterized by horizontal skylines and they are considered to be an uplifted peneplain. Landform of the plateaus in central part of Okayama Prefecture is divided into "Kibi plateau landform" and "Recent dissecting landform". The Kibi plateau landform is composed of low relief surface and relict mountain. The altitude of the low relief surface varies from 300 to 450m in Kayo area, and 200 to 350m in Kanayama area. The Recent dissecting landform is characterized by escarpment and cuts the Kibi plateau landform. Knick-point is formed at the boundary between two landforms and steep slope is distributed just below the knick-point. The steep slope of the recent dissecting landform is unstable and a potential of landslide is high.
キーワード Kibi Plateau landslide knick-point Okayama Prefecture
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