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著者 岩淵 泰|
抄録 This article shows the relation between urban development and local democracy in France by analyzing Metropole City and the Development Council. Metropole City supports its innovation industry through contracts with the State-Metropole City, French Tech, and university investment in different stakeholders such as economic groups and universities. This article puts forward the following questions. First, what kinds of networks does Metropole City create to win global city competitions? Second, how does the Development Council function after the MAPTAM law of 2014 and the NOTRe law of 2015? To answer these questions, this article uses Strasbourg Eurométropole as an example.
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発行日 2018-03-19
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タイトル(別表記) エコリバブルシティに向けたシビック・エンゲイジメント : 岡山市西川緑道公園のまちづくりを一例に
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著者 岩淵 泰|
抄録 This article describes the history of civic engagement at Nishigawa Canal Park in Okayama city, Japan. Nishigawa Canal Park was constructed in downtown Okayama from 1974 to 1982, and its total length is 2.4 km. Since 2008, citizens have held events in the park totaling over 70 days per year, with the support of the city’s Nishigawa Performers Project. By analyzing their machizukuri—community development through collaborative actions—we demonstrate the importance of public space in urban development from two points of view: participatory democracy and an eco-livable city. Okayama has rich experiences that show its citizens value a sustainable society. It also faces challenges in urban development carried out through collaboration between public policy makers, political leaders, and citizens.
キーワード Civic engagement ESD ecology livable city Nishigawa Canal Park public space sustainable city
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発行日 2017-11-27
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