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タイトル(別表記) Provision of guidance to students wishing to become teachers (1) : Status of how the Teaching Profession Consultation Office is being used
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著者 松原 泰通| 山脇 健|
抄録 教職相談室は、開設6年目となるが、本年4月より松原と山脇が前任者である西崎の後を受けつぎ、教員志望の学生の指導に当たっている。指導の中心は、論作文、個人面接、集団面接、集団討論、模擬授業、場面指導、ロールプレイングなどであるが、その他に進路の相談、ボランティアや講師希望の相談など、学生の不安なこと、挑戦したいことなどの相談に当たった。来室学生の積極性に我々も刺激を受け、現場の教師として力を発揮できる人間性の向上を中心に考えて、指導、支援した。その結果、来室者の増加と合格者の増加を達成することができた。
抄録(別表記) The Teaching Profession Consultation Office was opened six years ago. In April 2008, we succeeded our predecessor Nishizaki to provide guidance to students wishing to become teachers. Our guidance activities center on theses and essays, individual and group interviews, group discussions, mock classes, situational guidance, and role playing. Besides these, we provided career guidance, consultation on work as volunteers and lecturers, and any other matters that concerned the students or things they wished to try out. We were also inspired by the aggressiveness of the students who came to the office for consultation, and, as a teacher at the site of education, we made sure to provide guidance and assistance by focusing on enhancing qualities as a human being that enable students to demonstrate their skills and abilities as on-site teachers. As a result, we were able to increase the number of students who visit the office and who pass the teaching staff examination.
キーワード 教員志望学生 (Students wishing to become teachers) 教職相談室 (Teaching Profession Consultation) 指導内容 (content of guidance) 指導効果 (effects of guidance)
出版物タイトル 岡山大学教育実践総合センター紀要
発行日 2009-03-10
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