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タイトル(別表記) Estimation of balium preparations with high density and low viscosity
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著者 渋谷 光一| 小橋 高郎| 小笠原 光男| 丹谷 延義| 中桐 義忠| 東 義晴| 杉田 勝彦|
抄録 In this paper we compared the balium preparations having high density and low viscosity (BP-HDLV) with those currently in use. We adopted the stomaches of pigs and the new phantom manufactured by ourselves. We especialy noted the quality of the contrast. The results indicate that BP-HDLV do not always make high contrast. The contrast is related to fluidity besides density. The fluidity of BP-HDLV should be improved. In adition, it costs much to increase content of balium. Therefore, we can not find out positive significance to use these BP-HDLV.
キーワード contrast medium balium density viscosity fluidity
出版物タイトル 岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要
発行日 1994-01-31
開始ページ 57
終了ページ 60
ISSN 0917-4494
言語 Japanese
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