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タイトル(別表記) Clinical effects of swimming training in a hot spring pool on bronchial asthma
著者 谷崎 勝朗| 駒越 春樹| 周藤 真康| 村嶋 誠| 岡田 千春| 森永 寛| 小橋 秀敏| 多田 慎也| 木村 郁郎|
抄録 Five severe bronchial asthma patients with glucocorticoid therapy have had free swimming training in the hot spring pool at Misasa Medical Branch. The clinical effect of the swimming training was evaluated after 3 months' training. 1. A slight increase in pulse rate and blood pressure was observed immediately after 30 minutes, swimming, although no significant increase in the two parameters was shown 30 min. after the training. 2. No significant fall in ventilatory function tests such as % FVC, FEV(1.0)%, V(50) and V(25) was demonstrated following the swimming training in a hot spring pool. The results suggest that the free swimming training in a hot spring pool does not induce bronchoconstriction. 3. Clinical efficacy of the swimming training on bronchial asthma was evaluated according to a treatment score, an attack score and an asthmatic score. These scores were decreased during the swimming training. The results obtained in this study showed that free swimming training in a hot spring pool is one of the most suitable therapies for severe bronchial asthma patients.
出版物タイトル 岡山大学温泉研究所報告
発行日 1983-03-25
開始ページ 35
終了ページ 43
ISSN 0369-7142
言語 Japanese
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NAID 40000321171
著者 谷崎 勝朗| 周藤 真康| 小橋 秀敏| 塩田 雄太郎| 松香 陽子| 竹山 博泰| 原田 寛| 多田 慎也| 木村 郁郎|
発行日 1983-12-30
出版物タイトル 岡山医学会雑誌
資料タイプ 学術雑誌論文