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タイトル(別表記) The Forest Environment and the Production of the Forest Products in Modern Okayama Prefecture Research focusing on Lumber and Wood Charcoal
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著者 大塚 利昭|
抄録 In order to reveal the environmental history of the forest in Okayama Prefecture in the modern period, this paper analyzes the production situation of the forest products in the scenery of the change of the forest environment. As a result, the following items were found out.  After the Meiji period, Okayama Prefecture, which had been in middle or low-ranking as a position among the whole country as a place of production for lumber and wood charcoal, had produced forest products stably for a long term. The amounts of production of the forest products had gently increased after World War I in the background of the industrialization and urbanization until the early days of the Showa period. However, the situation had greatly changed when it entered World War II period, and the amount of production had increased remarkably up to the end of the war.  In Okayama of the Meiji period, erosion control works was prosperous so as to be located thirdly on a budget in the whole country. Therefore, there was the problem of“ Hageyama”, the bald mountain in Japanese, from early modern period. A remarkable increase in production of lumber and wood charcoal is confirmed for the wartime period around 1930, and this is thought to have pushed forward more forest dilapidation by statistics data. It was limited during the period of 10 ⊖ 20 years that excessive production was carried out. Since the forest conservation project was to increase the effect, now that 70 years after the war has passed, the forest is looking at a sufficiently recovered.  However, it is in condition that the forest was left untreated and is hard to say that the function of the public benefit that the forest has been shown continuously now. Based on the actual situation in the times while the production activities of forest products were carried out actively, drawing the future vision of forest will be necessary.
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