JaLCDOI 10.18926/ESR/56691
タイトル(別表記) Non-calcareous beachrock found in Akagurisaki, Ohi Town, Fukui Prefecture
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著者 鈴木 茂之| 東 洋一| 出山 康代| 湯川 弘一| 臼井 まゆみ|
抄録 Beachrock which was formed about 0.5 meter higher than high tide is found in Akagurisaki, Ohi Town, Fukui Prefecture. The outcrops always get wet by spring water. The sediments are composed of well sorted rounded gravels and sands but calcareous shell is not found at all. Intergranular space is occupied by white amorphous cement. Magnesium and silicon rich composition of the cement is obtained by EPMA analysis. There is a conjecture that the magnesium rich cement was precipitated in spite of solution of calcareous shell under saturated state by spring water, because calcium has a higher tendency to ionize than magnesium.
キーワード Beachrock Akagurisaki non-calcareous cement ionization tendency
出版物タイトル Okayama University Earth Science Report
発行日 2018-12-27
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