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タイトル(別表記) Photon background caused by the reduction of the electron beam energy - Materials of scattering foil -
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著者 中桐 義忠| 三村 誠一| 稲村 圭司| 田原 誠司| 三宅 英昭| 東 義晴| 江草 具視| 三上 泰隆| 平木 祥夫| 山田 俊治| 杉田 勝彦|
抄録 The total skin electron beam therapy has been one of the clinical treatment for peripherally T-cell lymphoma; Mycosis fungoides, adult T-cell lymphoma, and so on. The crucial points in this treatment are not only having an optimum energy level of electron beam for a target volume (a tissue) but also keeping the photon back ground low. It is not easy to regulate those points by the control panel, however, for the equipment that is conventinally used for electron beam, theoretically, is to exchange lead (Pb), which is ordinarily used, to a low atomic number material as a scattering foil. We examined several different kinds and / or various thickness as a scattering foil material that can make the electron beam lower without an increase of the contaminant as X-ray. We hereby reported the results, and strongly suggested the following two materials in use; acrylic plate, carbon board, and so on, which are easily available and worked, would be practically useful for the total skin electron beam therapy.
キーワード 電子線エネルギー X線混入率 電子線全身照射法 スキャタリングホイル
出版物タイトル 岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要
発行日 1993-01-31
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