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L-Glutamate measurement and GOT/GPT assay was successful by H2O2 measurement using the L-glutamate oxidase with 4-aminoantipyrine / phenol method. But, in examination of oxigen electrode, immobilized L-glutamate oxidase at the cellulose to L-glutamate and GOT-GPT sensor, Lpglutamate measurement was used for the amperometric determination with non-fixed enzyme. On examination of electron mediator, response for L-glutamate was observed with each of the compounds ferricyane, ferrocene-COOH, ferrocene-MeOH, and benzoquinone. L-Glutamate was measured by carbon printed tip electrode the L-glutamate oxidase and ferricyane based on the principle of chronoamperometry. A linear calibration graph was obtained between 1mM and 30mM. These results suggest that L-glutamate oxidase is able to utilize to L-glutamate sensor, and that there is a strong possibility to put this sensor to sensing for GOT/GPT activity.
L-glutamate ocidase
L-glutamate sensor
GOT/GPT sensor