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Study on Fiber Ratio of the Feed Intaked Voluntarily by Steers

奥島 史朗 岡山大学
和田 宏 岡山大学
The study was carried out to know the roughage concentrate ratio and the fiber ratio of the feeds intaked by steers voluntarily in the free access to soilage and concentrate respectively. As roughage, soilage of Italian ryegrass was used in the experimental period covering 12 days, and rice straw was used in the control period covering 12 days. The concentrate used was a commercial mixture of grains for fattening cattle. Seven steers of the Holstein breed were employed in this study, averaging 13 months old in age and 435 kg in body weight. They were allowed to eat freely roughage and concentrate ad libitum respectively The fiber ratio of the feed intaked was 7.1 in experimental period (Italian ryegrass period) and 7. 6 in the control period. The fiber ratio in the experimental period was lower than that in the control period. This difference seems to be due to physical condition of the rougrhage. The fiber ratios in the feeds intaked by the steers voluntarily were around 7.5. It was proved again that the fiber ratio in the range of 7 to 8 will meet steer's physiological requirement.