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安場 健一郎 岡山大学農学部
 In protected horticulture, cooling techniques with latent heat has been effective for improving the growth of various kinds of plants in the summer season. It was necessary to understand special knowledge of the VETH diagrammatic drawing for effective operation of cooling with latent heat. In order to obtain the information from VETH diagrammatic drawing, it was necessary to perform a lot of calculations. It was difficult to obtain such information simply. So, a device and software were developed for getting effective information in order to manage cooling of latent heat. The developed device and software were run on the Ubiquitous Environment Control System (UECS). The rules for controlling the environment of UECS was were set up on a web site, and an information communication technique was used for controlling the environment. The developed ventilation calculated node gathered the necessary information from the other nodes via LAN automatically. The node calculated valuable information for cooling with latent heat, including the ventilation rate, and sent the calculated values, after entering the constant parameters using an http server, which was installed in the node. The developed software was run on a personal computer. The software could be used after describing various information for calculating ventilation rate and evaporation rate at the setting file. It calculated these values, and users were shown the data using graphs and text files. As a result, we could get effective information concerning cooling latent heat fairly easily by using of the developed node and the software.
latent heat
ubiquitous environment control system
研究紹介 (Research Report)