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川原 雅規
Effects of liquid fertilizer (LF) and controlled-release fertilizer (CRF) on growth and fruit enlargement of netted melon in 6L sand medium were investigated in a cultivation method using root-proof capillary wicks in mid-summer. Average of maximum and minimum root-zone temperatures was 34.8°Cand 26.9°C, respectively. Wilted symptoms appeared very often in 5 out of 8 plants at 2 weeks after transplanting in CRF with a high electric conductivity (EC) of medium solution. In contrast, such symptoms were not found at all in LF with a lower EC. In LF, average fruit weight was 2.3Kg and fruit Brix was 14.4, and non-wilted plants in CRF also showed the same levels as LF in weight and Brix of fruits. These results indicated the possibility of sand culture for melon in mid-summer with LF or a modified fertilizer combination design of CRF.
capillary watering
liquid fertilizer
controlled-release fertilizer
high temperature
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