Published by Misasa Medical Center, Okayama University Medical School
Published by Misasa Medical Center, Okayama University Medical School

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Complex spa therapy and airway inflammation in bronchial asthma

谷崎 勝朗 岡山大学医学部附属病院三朝分院
貴谷 光 岡山大学医学部附属病院三朝分院
御舩 尚志 岡山大学医学部附属病院三朝分院
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梶本 和宏 岡山大学医学部附属病院三朝分院
横田 聡 岡山大学医学部附属病院三朝分院
高田 一郎 岡山大学医学部附属病院三朝分院
越智 浩二 岡山大学医学部臨床検査医学
原田 英雄 岡山大学医学部臨床検査医学
多田 慎也 岡山大学医学部第2内科
原田 実根 岡山大学医学部第2内科
Efficacy of complex spa therapy was studied in 55 patients with bronchial asthma. Complex spa therapy was effective in 47 (85.5%) of the 55 patients with bronchial asthma : marked efficacy was observed in 15 (27.3%), moderate in 32 (58.2%), slight in 6 (10.9%) and no efficacy in 2 patients (3.6%). Improvement of clinical symptoms and findings by complex spa therapy was more clearly observed in patients with an increased proportion of BAL lymphocytes, neutrophils and eosinophils. These findings suggest that complex spa therapy more affects cell infiltration in the airways than bronchoconstriction induced by chemical mediators. Improvement of ventilatory function represented by FEV1.0% value was higher in patients with a low proportion of BAL neutrophils, suggesting that patients with increased number of BAL neutrophils require longer complex spa therapy than those without BAL neutrophilia.
complex spa therapy (複合温泉療法)
airway inflammation (気道炎症反応)
bronchial asthma (気管支喘息)