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Effects of Wall Length and Vent on Attaching Jet and Its Switching

Wada Tsutomu Department of Industrial Science
Shimizu Akira Department of Industrial Science
Takagi Minoru Department of Industrial Science
The effects of some geometries peculiar to the wallattachment fluidic devices on the attaching jet flow and the switching mechanism were experimentally made clear. And the propriety of the analytical mOdel, which has been used for the theoretical study of these devices, was investigated. The results can be summarized as follows: 1) The existing analytical model of the attaching jet flow is not applicable to the case of relatively short wall length of vent distance. 2) The attaching jet flow never detaches from a sufficiently long side wall with vent. 3) The switching mechanism of the vent type device is always the opposite wall switching. 4) From the viewpoint of the output characteristics of the device, the vent distance has a lower limit in relation to the vent width.