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Allocation Technique Using Relative Distance and Relative Volume Estimated by Statistical Procedure

Fujiwara Yutaka Department of Production Engineering, Matsue Technical Collage.
Osaki Hirokazu Department of Industrial Science, School of Engineering Okayama University
Kikuchi Susumu Department of Industrial Science, School of Engineering Okayama University
This paper deals with the allocation technique of the layout whose solution it takes as a little computation time as possible to obtain and which becomes as near to the optimal method as possible. In this method, the relative transport distance of each location and the relative transport volume of each department are calculated from the distance matrix and the volume matriX by the statistical procedures. And allocating departments to locations is determined by one to one correspondence between the arranged relative transport distances and the arranged relative transport volumes. This method was called the allocation technique by the statistical procedure ( ATSP in short ). This method doesn't use the heuristic algorithm. Therefore the calculation time can be reduced much in comparison with any other methods. As the algorithm of ATSP method is very simple, the sub-optimal layout can be determined easily by using the desk-calculator in cases of any layout problems.