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Experimental Collimation of Cerenkov SHG Blue Laser Beam with a Cylindric Mirror

Wang, Ming Graduated School of Natural Science and Technology
和田 修己 Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
古賀 隆治 Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
A cylindric mirror was used, in place of a parabolic mirror, to collimate the crescent blue laser beam radiated from the Cerenkov SHG in channel waveguide configuration. The cylindric mirror radius is requested to be twice the focal length of the parabolic mirror. The focusing effect of the cylindric mirror in collimation can be compensated by slightly lifting the mirror in its normal direction. Under the condition that the mirror was declined by 5.56° and lifted by 25 μm, we got the collimated beam with divergence angle less than 1.3 mrad. In the focusing experiment, the collimated beam was focused with spotsize of 1.8 μm. The details on the analysis and experiment are reported.