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Biologically Active Compounds. I. The Synthesis of 5-Substituted 4-Methy1-3-carboxy-3(or 4)-alkenamides

Torii Sigeru Department of Industrial Chemistry
Funakosi Hitosi Department of Industrial Chemistry
Takeda Akira Department of Synthetics Chemistry
Monoamides of 5-substituted 4-methyl-3-carboxy-3(or 4)-alkenoic acids have been synthesized, starting with substituted itaconic anhydrides. The anhydride ring was opened by amines to afford N-aryl(or alkyl)-4-alkyl(or aryl)-3carboxy- 3(or 4}-alkenamides. The structure of the amide was elucidated by the comparison with the reference compound prepared from the corresponding Stobbe half-esters.