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Note on the Piezoelectric Constant of PbZrO(3)-PbTiO(3)(PZT)

東辻 千枝子 Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Matsubara Takeo Okayama University of Science
Miyata Satoru Okayama University of Science
One of the best known solid solution of perovskites is the PbTiO(3)-PbZrO(3) system which is usually abbreviated as PZT. In the phase diagram of this system, there is a drastic phase change from tetragonal to rhombohedral at the molar ratio around 50:50. The PZT crystals are widely used as a practical piezoelectric material because of its very strong piezoelectric effect near this morphotropic phase boundary. We try to explain this anomaly in piezoelectric constant by a phenomenological theory.