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X-Ray Topographic Observation of Strain Generated by Thin Film (TiN) on Silicon Surface

Kusumoto, Hisao Department of Mechanical Engineering
飛田 守孝 Department of Mechanical Engineering
榊原 精 Department of Mechanical Engineering
Nishida, Norihide Industrial Technical Center of Okayama Prefecture
竹元 嘉利 Department of Mechanical Engineering Kaken ID publons researchmap
山田 益男 Department of Mechanical Engineering
The strain in Si substrate induced by locally ion-plated thin film of TiN was observed by X-ray topograph (Lang technique). Circular TiN film was deposited on one side of the Si surface. In all topographs the highest blackness attributed to kinematical diffraction effect occurred at the film edge. Rosette pattern with four-lobes was observed around the film. Blackness as a whole increased with the film thickness. Strain was observed in the depth direction of substrate by limited projection method. When the slit width was narrowed, the kinematical images disappeared, and white images appeared at the film edge. All the contrast disappeared when the TiN film was completely removed in boiling HNO(3). The strain induced by the film deposition was proved to be elastic.