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Drain System Around the Underground Cavern

Motojima Isao Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
河野 伊一郎 Department of Civil Engineerig
西垣 誠 Department of Civil Engineerig Kaken ID publons researchmap
In recent years, construction or planning of large-scale underground structures, such as underground power plants, underground oil storage plants and nuclear power plants have been coming into consideration in Japan. To construct such as large-scale underground structures, one of the most important problems is to make clear beforehand the behavior of groundwater around these structures and the other is to carry out proper countermeasure of groundwater, so that these structures can be constructed safely and maintained stability over a long time period. This report describes the results of theoretical studies on the drain systems and at the same time, discusses the drain systems around the underground cavern for the practical underground power stations.