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Preparation of Mullite Dispersed Silica Ceramics through Sol-Gel Processing

尾坂 明義 Department of Applied Chemistry
Kawabata Kouji Industrial Technology Center of Okayama Prefecture
難波 徳郎 Department of Applied Chemistry
高田 潤 Department of Applied Chemistry
三浦 嘉也 Department of Applied Chemistry
Mullite-dispersed silica ceramics were prepared through sol-gel processing by the use of tetraethoxy silane, aluminium nitrate and aluminium isopropoxide as the Si and Al sources where HCl and HN0(3) were the catalyst. Effect of the starting materials, solvents and catalysts was examined on the gelation time or temperature of mullite precipitation. Apparent activation energy of gelation ranged from 80 to 95kJ/mol. The presence of AI in the sols elongated the gelling time suggesting the formation of chelate bonds between AI and Si-OR or Si-OH bonds.