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Transport Simulasion in a Burning Tokamak Plasma

福山 淳 Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Kasai Takashi Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
古谷 洋一郎 Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
A one-dimensional tokamak transport code (TASK/TR) has been developed to analyze the evolution of a burning plasma accompanied with fusion reaction. This code deals with the electrons, deuterons, tritons, thermalized α particles, fast α particles and beam ions, separately, in order to describe the dependence of the reaction rate on the ion mixture ratio. As an energy transport model, the drift wave turbulence mode is employed. The heating and current drive by the neutral beam injection as well as the pellet injection for fuelling are also included. This code is applied to a reactor-grade plasma aimed at in the ITER project. The cases of an ignited plasma and a current-driven plasma are examined. The required power for full current drive is estimated. The effect of pellet injection, both fuel and impurity ions, is also studied.