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The study on the Evaluation of Eye Movement Using Computer Program

松田 正明 Department of Mechanical Engineering
大崎 紘一 Department of Mechanical Engineering
The eye movement has been studied widely, because it gives various information about the characteristics of visual work. Almost all of those studies have concentrated on the distribution of the visual points, the direction and width of the saccadic movement and the fixation time of the measures. However there are few measures to evaluate the relationship between the visual objects and eye movement. Recently, the personal computer become portable and this makes it possible to analyze the many data and to show the results graphically on the experimental field. In this study, we propose a series of methods to evaluate how a subject looks at a visual field using the queue theory, and how often man looks at the central part of the visual field using the statistical two-dimensional ellipse. We developed the Pascal program on an personal computer(NEC PC9800). This program has 3 functions. One is the measurement of eye movement, the second is the calculation of the proposed measures and the third is the display of the results of these calculations.