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X-ray Topographs of Strain Field Induced by Locally Ion-Plated Films on Si Substrates

Mikuni, Masato Department of Mechanical Engineering
飛田 守孝 Department of Mechanical Engineering
Nishida, Norihide Industrial Technical Center of Okayama Prefecture
榊原 精 Department of Mechanical Engineering
山田 益男 Department of Mechanical Engineering
Strains induced in the Si substrates by TiN film were observed with X-ray topography. The image of the sample with TiN film 0.45μm thick was like that of a dislocation loop observed with transmission electron microscope. The images of the samples with TiN films 1.65, and 1.9μm thick were different; blackening spreaded in the <112> and <110> direction from the ring contrast in shape of four-lobed rosette pattern. Spreading extended 1.6 times longer than the radius of the ring contrast along the <112> direction. The strain field extended 0.1μm in depth from the top surface where TiN was plated. From the topographs of bent Si beam, it was found that the blackness was almost proportional to the strain. The strains induced by TiN film locally ion-plated were smaller than those observed previously when TiN was ion-plated on the whole top surface of the substrate. Fine structures were observed in the topographs which could not be explained by the kinematical theory.