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SAXS Intensity Measurements by Photographic Methods

Yamada, Masuo Department of Industrial Science
榊原 精 Department of Industrial Science
Ohta, Mutsuo Department of Industrial Science
Photographic method for measurement of small-angl X-ray scattering (SAXS) is improved. Intense pointfocussing incident beam is obtained by using doubly bent crystal monochromator made of aluminium single crystal. Microphotometry and the subsequent calculation to obtain profiles, Guinier and Porod radii, integrated intensities, and so on are facilitated by using microcomputer. Integrated SAXS intensities measured from an Al-Zn alloy which has been treated under the same heat treatment conditions are coincident with one another with probable errors less than ±6 % . Ratio of the integrated intensities obtained from two Al-Zn alloys of different composition is reasonable compared with the quasi-equilibrium phase diagram.