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Determination of Diffusion and Dispersion Parameters for Flow in Porous Media

Kohno Iichiro Department of Civil Engineering
Nishigaki Makoto Department of Civil Engineering
The purposes of this research is an investigation of the intrusion of sea water into coastal aquifers. For this subject, this paper deals with proposing rational methods of getting diffusion coefficient and dispersion parameter for flow in porous media in a laboratory. These parameters of soil are indispensable in order to apply an analytical approach or a numerical approach to actual salt water intrusion problems. Experimental apparatuses were constructed and test procedures were also developed to measure concentration behaviors in a saturated porous media by using electro conductivity probe. As the results, the diffusion coefficients for the Toyoura standard sand and the Asahi river sand determined by two methods, that is, "Boltzman's transformation method" and "Instantaneous profile analysis method". The longitudinal coefficient of dispersion for one-dimensional flow was also determined by the least squares curve fitting method with a function of a certain range of seepage velocity.